Created to share my journey & values as a musician, this blog has grown into a platform to feature my fellow artists & explore diverse topics.

Theresa Abalos, flute, learns coplas from musicians from Salta, Argentina

This research project explores the voices, impact, & artistry of folk & indigenous musicians in Argentina.

"Poems in Practice Rooms" dives into my struggles as a classical flutist in college.

I performed a spoken word poem on stereotypes about Filipino women, beauty, losing my hair at 17, & cultural identity.

Theresa Abalos, flute, with writer Myla Granadino in collaboration with project-LOGUE

As part of a community-based showcase, I translated a poem by Myla Granadino, a Filipina immigrant, from Tagalog to English.

For my Global Studies capstone, I researched how dance & theatre artists embody social memory of violence through performance.


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