At first to share my journey and values as a musician, this blog has grown into a platform to feature my fellow artists & a space to explore diverse topics.

"Poems in Practice Rooms" dives into my struggles as a classical flutist in college, raising questions around perfectionism and cultural identity.

Theresa Abalos, flute, learns coplas from musicians from Salta, Argentina

This research project considers the voices, impact, and artistry of folk and indigenous musicians in Argentina.

I performed a spoken word poem on stereotypes around Filipino women, beauty, losing my hair at 17, and cultural identity.

Theresa Abalos, flute, with writer Myla Granadino in collaboration with project-LOGUE

I translated a poem from Tagalog to English by Myla Granadino about her experience migrating from the Philippines to the USA.

For my Global Studies capstone, I researched two performance collectives, Yuyachkani and Soil, and how they embody social memory of violence through performance.


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