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  • Beginner to advanced levels

  • Learn technique, expressiveness, repertoire, & music theory

  • Free trial lesson


Theresa's approach is 

  • to engage with the unique perspectives of her students,

  • while offering key insights & tools for their growth.

"Theresa was AMAZING! She was very respectful and knowledgeable. I appreciated all of her feedback... I wish I had more time to pick her brain!" 

~ Undergraduate student at the Global Communication Center, Carnegie Mellon University


  • Strengthen college essays, cover letters, creative writing, & more

  • Learn strategies for clear & effective writing

  • Online appointments available

creative expression concert greg sciulli

As a flute teacher, Theresa draws from her studies with renowned flutist & pedagogue Alberto Almarza, as well as masterclasses & lessons with Lorna McGhee, Marianne Gedigian, Nina Assimakopoulos, Claudio Barile, Jasmine Choi, Brook Ferguson, Angela Jones-Reus, Jonathan Keeble, Thomas Robertello, Jeanne Baxtresser, Patricia Dadalt, Cecilia Ulloque, Marcela Bianchi, & Christina Jennings, among other internationally-acclaimed flutists.

As a writing tutor, Theresa has worked one-on-one with hundreds of students — from high school to undergraduate to PhD levels — in all fields of study, for college courses, job applications, publications, etc. 

Photo by Greg Sciulli. South Ave United Methodist Church, Wilkinsburgh. 2018.

creative expression 

musical storytelling

  • ​When we create, whose stories are we telling?

  • What are our own stories?

  • How do we create work that tells stories we believe in?

To navigate these questions, I offer a virtual workshop open to people of all ages & backgrounds. Please contact me if interested.


"It helped me realize the connection between music & stories"

~ Workshop participant at Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra

"Theresa was engaging, personable, prepared, thoughtful,

and got the kids involved & speaking"

~ LINDSEY NOVA, executive director of Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra


Visit this page for news, photos, videos, & more on Theresa's work. 


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