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a recital in fragments

April 15th was supposed to be the day of my senior recital.

Losing my senior recital was the sharpest blow the pandemic dealt me (before a sudden internal crisis). I know very well, how microscopic it is against the losses of countless people, but to me it meant so, so much.

It meant celebrating my growth after 4 years in an intense flute studio, and everything I've received from my flute professor, mentors, and my parents. It meant offering my best to my community, people who have grown so dear to me and always believed in me.

So I decided, this is important enough to grieve in a way that's a bit selfish.

Making these recordings was a last-minute decision, so nothing is perfect.

Yet I made them to celebrate where I am today, as a musician & artist, since the traditional way to do this isn't possible.

I made them as a promise to myself: to continue practicing, creating, & sharing, even when the future of my artistic career looks like a big question mark.

Excerpts from:

1. Katherine Hoover, Winter Spirits

2. Erwin Schulhoff, Sonata for Flute and Piano

3. Angel Lasala, Poema del pastor coya

4. J.S. Bach, Easter Oratorio No. 5 Aria

5. Samuel Barber, Canzone

(A couple quirky notes: Yes, I should have ironed the skirt. Also, it was funny to look up — imagining an audience — and see my laundry scowling at me instead.)


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