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Tre Seguritan Abalos Theresa Abalos flutist improviser Pittsburgh 2023 Lofty Pursuits

Theresa Seguritan Abalos / Trē is an improviser and sound artist based in Pittsburgh. She creates experiences of sound and language to explore themes of body and belonging.

Photo by Lofty Pursuits.

As a flutist and improviser Trē (tree) collaborates frequently with many artists including electronic musicians BusCrates, Soy Sos, Adam Kantz, poet Chiwan Choi, visual artists Likha Jae, Sue Abramson and Ginger Brooks Takahashi. Regularly she plays with the Pittsburgh Sound Preserve whose Open Improvisation Lab she co-facilitates. Trē performs around Pittsburgh at places like Telephone, The Government Center, Spirit Lodge, Collision, The Space Upstairs, Mr. Small's Theater, City of Asylum, Bottlerocket Social Hall, Mixtape, Seafoam, and Kelly Strayhorn Theater. 


As a writer Trē has a blog on topics from classical training and free improvisation to personal essays and creative writing about identity, body, and diaspora. 

Improvised on alto flute with Adam Kantz, electronics. February 2023.

As a teaching artist Trē offered workshops on creative expression for Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra and Youth Chamber Connection.

Trē graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2020 with a BXA degree in Flute Performance & Global Studies.​ In 2019 CMU published an article about her research of meanings and roles of música folclórica in Argentina, which she presented at the Society of Ethnomusicology in Buffalo, New York.

A daughter of Filipino immigrants and from San Jose, CA, Trē is deeply grateful to her parents, to Alberto Almarza and many others. 

Improvised on alto flute with loop station at Adda's in Garfield. September 2023.

Tre Seguritan Abalos Theresa Abalos flutist improviser Pittsburgh 2023

Photo by Sophia Qin.

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