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trē seguritan abalos is an improviser & sound artist.

She creates with sound and language to explore themes of body and belonging.


Photo by Lofty Pursuits.


Improvisation for alto flute and loop station.


Performed by T. Seguritan Abalos with RC-202 loop station in April 2023.

Improvisation for alto flute, drum synthesizer, & MIDI guitar


Recorded by T. Seguritan Abalos, Aaron Basskin, & Carl Fuermann in May 2023.

Improvisation for alto flute & electronics


Recorded by T. Seguritan Abalos & Adam Kantz in February 2023. 

Improvisation with flute and loop station

Performed by T. Seguritan Abalos at the Davis Cherry Blossom Festival in April 2023.

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